Clima insuperável para jogar golfe

Petropolis Golf and Country Club provides a unique golfing experience in the highlands of Rio de Janeiro that transcends the sports activity.

Our club features a 9-hole golf course, with 18 tees that provide a par 70 with a variety of challenges for all levels of golfers. Moreover, the club has equestrian facilities with 45 horses, mostly used for olympic jumping and dressage.

Our club is in the mountains, half a mile high, near a National Park on the outskirts of Petropolis, in a region famous for its special weather.   The combination of natural geographic barriers, altitude and pure mountain water creates spring-like conditions thoroughut the year.  For this reason, the area has been nicknamed BomClima (Good Weather) or Shangri-lá.  

The Imperial Family discovered the benefits of the region´s unique weather about 150 years ago and literally moved to the highlands of Petropolis every summer.  Since then, Petropolis became known as the Imperial City, and beautiful palaces emerged to accomodate the Royal Family and its entourrage.  

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Petrópolis Golf and Country Club

the best weather to play golf in Rio,

just one hour drive from Zona Sul.